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I am looking for information on Angela Carter's novel Nights at the Circus. I am writing a paper that focuses on the clowns in the book

the themes i want to write about are reality vs. illusion, natural vs. unnatural, and the difference of the other in the book. I found some books and ordered them but I could not find much online
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Look for online articles in some of the literature databases.  See the list of literature databases at

Some of the more useful databases are:

Literature Resource Center – In this database begin with a basic search for Carter, Angela and then refine to the title of the work.

Other databases:

Humanities Full-Text

Each database has a slightly different search interface so use Carter, Angela as a subject, “Night at the Circus” as title of work and then add keywords.  Be sure to truncate reality to real* (this gets returns like realism and reality). Also pay attention to the drop-down menus when entering search terms.

(((carter) AND ("nights at the circus")) AND (real*))

(((carter) AND ("nights at the circus")) AND ((clown* OR character*)))

(((carter) AND ("nights at the circus")) AND (illusion))

Below are links to a couple of articles from JSTOR that may be useful. Let me know if you have difficulty opening these files or if they are appropriate.

 Tall Tales and Brief Lives: Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus

Return of the Century: Time, Modernity, and the End of History in Angela Carter's 'Nights

Please call or stop by the research desk if you need assistance searching the databases.

Desk number – 251-6111.


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