Answered By: Brandy Bourne
Last Updated: Jun 27, 2018     Views: 318

Yes, you can use Google Scholar to find scholarly research! Although Google Scholar does not index all the content available through the library, and does not offer the same level of advanced searching as you can do in the library's databases, it is still a huge repository of indexed scholarly books and articles. The only problem is, how do you take all the indexed citations found in Google Scholar and connect them to the full-text books and articles available in the library? 

Actually it's simpler than it sounds. If you are on campus, much of the time the scholarly journal publishers will recognize our campus IP address range and by that our full-text subscription content, so simply searching in Google Scholar and clicking on the links will take you directly to Ramsey Library's full-text holding of that article. Note that you may have to try the links to the right of your Google Scholar results as well. 

If you are off campus and want to use Google Scholar, the easiest way is probably to simply use the 'Google Scholar' search from the library's homepage (center of page, in the tabbed search). It will prompt you to log in with your OnePort credentials. Another option is to log into your campus email account, go to Google Scholar's advanced options, and add library links to UNC Asheville and the Western North Carolina Library Network. Being logged in while using Google Scholar also gives you the benefit of starring individual articles/books of interest and they are then instantly added to your 'My Library' of scholarly sources in Google Scholar. 

If you are not able to find the full-text of articles and/or books you need, contact us at or simply place an Interlibrary Borrowing Request here